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How to submit title corrections

  • A correction to a title must use our full title format, where the year is included in the title (as it appears at the top of the page).

  • If you are not familiar with our general title formatting rules (covering such matters as capitalization, word order, and year), they are here.

  • General title formatting rules (how to distinguish between TV titles, videogames, movies, etc.) can also be found here.

  • Rules for determining whether a title is a film, TV movie, or miniseries are here.

  • Primary title corrections can't be used to correct alternative titles. They are separate entities. If you need to swap a primary title with an alternative title you can correct the primary title to the alternative title. The necessary corrections/additions to (existing) alternative titles are done automatically by IMDb.

With the above in mind, please see these instructions on how to submit a primary title correction:


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the title page you wish to update.
  2. Click the yellow Edit Page button.
  3. Near the bottom of the following page you will see Title Correction.
  4. Select the option "Add correction" followed by Continue.
  5. Enter a new title text, making sure to also include the year, for example "The Matrix (1999)" 
  6. Also include an explanation to help our editors review this for you. 
  7. When finished, click Check these updates


  • If there are no issues, the box will turn green and you can click Submit these updates.
  • If there are problems with your update, the box will turn red and you will need to address these - once finished click Re-check these updates again.

Deleting a Film or Series

Before submitting a request to completely remove a film, series or any other title from IMDb, please read the below information.

  • If the title is a duplicate of another title listing on IMDb, please do not submit a deletion request. Instead, if you are 100% sure that they are the same title, please submit a title merge (see Duplicate Title Help for how to do this)

  • Please note that we do not delete valid information. If the title has been released, screened and/or made available to the public in any form, or otherwise been deemed eligible for inclusion by our editors, it will not be removed.

  • If the title is in-production/development and you are no longer attached to it, you can remove your credit but please do not assume that the title will not be made. Only submit a deletion request if you know that the project is cancelled.

  • If you are requesting multiple episode or whole season deletions, please be as explicit as possible by providing links to all episodes.

To request a title delete, please reach out via our Contact Form

Adding an End Year to a TV Series

If a TV series has come to an end, we reflect this by adding an end year to the title page. An example can be found on the Breaking Bad page, which ended in 2013; the title page now reflects this by displaying a range of (2008 - 2013).

Breaking bad title years

The end year of a TV show should be the year when the last episode/series finale of the show has aired. In some rare cases, originally unaired episodes of a TV show may be broadcast or released years after the last episode has aired. For the purpose of determining the correct end year of a TV series, those episodes should not be considered.

You can find guidance on how to update this information here.



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