Submitting a web series or online video

Web series and online videos can be added the same way traditional movies and television series via the New Title Form.

If it is a standalone online video, enter the name and year and select the “Made for Video” option. If the video is part of a web series, enter the name and year of the title and select the “Made for TV: TV Series” option also adding the keyword “web-series” to the title. Once the series is live on the site you will be able to add the webisodes by using the “Add episode” button.

Note that in order to be accepted, the online content should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Online videos must be available to the public for viewing, either free or for a fee. Videos, which are set for private viewing only for selected persons, are not eligible for listing.

  • An online video must be available for viewing at the time it is submitted to IMDb as a new title. (That is, future videos not yet available to be viewed should not be submitted, nor should past videos which can no longer be found online.) However, a video, which was available for viewing at the time it was entered into the database, will not be removed merely if it becomes unavailable for public viewing in the future.

  • An online video is not eligible for listing if it consists primarily of footage from another title which is or could be listed in IMDb unless the creation of the video displays a level of artistic merit or can be considered of public interest.

  • Trailers are not eligible for listing.

If your web series adheres to these guidelines, use the New Title Form to get started.

We recommend providing a direct link to the online video/web series in the Video Clips section under “Links to Other Sites” with the description WebsiteName – Full video so our data editors can verify your title quickly and IMDb users can view the content.

You will receive an e-mail receipt for this submission and will be able to track your submission here.

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