Submitting an In-Development Film / TV show

IMDbPro members have access to add a title currently in-development via the Development Title Form.

Note that in order to be accepted, in development titles must be in one of the following stages of development:

• Pitch -- An idea for an upcoming project that has been presented and sold to a production company, which agrees to develop it.
• Optioned Property -- A piece of literary work (book, short story, play, news article, etc.) where the exclusive rights to purchase the property are currently held by a production entity for consideration to develop into a feature length film or television project for a defined period of time.
• Treatment/Outline -- An idea or abridged script; longer than a synopsis containing a rough outline such as a summary of each major scene and descriptions of the significant characters in the project. While a complete script is around 100 pages, a treatment is closer to 10.
• Script -- Completed, copy written manuscript, which has been picked up by a production entity for development. A script may take the form of a screenplay, shooting script, lined script, continuity script, or a spec script.
• Turnaround -- A project, which was previously picked up by a production entity, but has been dropped and is currently in a state of limbo allowing the producers to set up the project with another studio.
• Development Unknown -- The project is in some form of development stage that is completely unknown to you.

If your title adheres to these guidelines, use the Development Title Form to get started.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation for this submission and will be able to track your submission here. Please know that not all in-development listings on IMDbPro last forever. While many titles eventually get produced, some titles are removed from the site for various reasons. Learn more.

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