How do I add a project that's still in production/development?

For the most part, IMDb lists completed and released movies and TV shows. We may accept titles which are still in early stages of production, but we need strong evidence to support the fact that those exceptions will in fact be released to the public in order to list them.

We need to be very selective because many projects never go past the initial development stages. A title may be announced, with a director, writer, cast and budget attached to it, and may even enter the pre-production stage or even filming but never actually get made or released.

To avoid listing hundreds of comatose or dead projects that may never actually be released and that would end up undermining the accuracy and usefulness of our database, we need proof that any new proposed entry complies with our eligibility requirements.

Please be aware that if a title has not been completed or released yet, it doesn't mean we are not going to list it: but since we have no way of verifying its eligibility, the burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the submitter. If the submitter isn't able or willing to provide enough information to help us verify that the new title is one which we can reasonably expect to be completed and released in the near future, we will not be able to add it until the title is actually released or until we can get proof of its existence and eligibility.

In other words: we normally only list completed, released titles. In order to make exceptions and list titles in production, we need to be sure that they are valid projects in an advanced stage of development and the submitter has to provide enough data to let us verify this fact (contact info for the production, announcements in the media/trades, interviews with key cast/crew members confirming the status of the project, casting notices, evidence of development deals, etc.). If this is not possible, we will have to wait until the title is complete and released before listing it. Note that a mere listing in a production chart is usually not sufficient; "announcements in the media/trades" means an actual article.

If we can verify the information, we'll certainly consider adding new projects in active development or pre-production (as long as we are able to verify that they meet our eligibility criteria). If the submitter cannot supply the required information, they will simply have to wait until the title is completed and available to the public before submitting it for inclusion in IMDb.

Please also note that projects in development can only be submitted via IMDbPro (membership required). In order to submit a new title via, the title must be at least in pre-production. To submit a new title to the database please go to our