How do I change the end year of a series?



TV series are identified by the year of their broadcast run:

Friends series end year

When a show is still running the end year will be omitted:


The end year of a TV show should be the year when the last episode/series finale of the show has aired. In some rare cases, originally unaired episodes of a TV show may be broadcast or released years after the last episode has aired. For the purpose of determining the correct end year of a TV series, those episodes should not be considered.


How to


Adding series end year

If you know that a TV show is no longer being broadcast, but we don't have a end year listed, you can submit the year it finished via the contribution form by clicking Edit page listed at the bottom of the parent series page and using the option Series End Year. 

Updating an incorrect end year


If the series end year isn't right and needs updating, you'll need to get in contact with a member of the team via our contact form.

Make sure to include the title URL, along with the year the correct series ended - if necessary, please also include a link to some evidence to help a member of the team review and update this for you.

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