What are taglines?

  • A tagline is a short description or comment on a movie that is displayed on movie posters (or direct to video covers, etc.) to capture the essence of the movie, and ultimately make you watch the movie.
  • Please do not submit advertising slogans, only the taglines that appear on original movie posters and direct to video covers.
  • We only want the tagline from the movie poster, or the video cover if it went straight to video.
  • Taglines from re-releases should be noted as such. For example, for Alien (1979):
    • The scariest movie ever made... just got scarier. (UK 2003 re-release)

  • For TV series, taglines from posters (e.g., in transit shelters) or from video releases are acceptable.
  • For non-English titles, we accept taglines in the original language if they are accompanied by a translation. The form for a translated tag is:
  •      Original Tagline (Translation)

  • Unless certain letters/words were capitalized in the original tagline for effect, then standard capitalization should be used. IMDb’s title capitalization rules should not be applied to taglines.
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