When will the new title I added appear on IMDb?

Every title (movie, TV show, episode etc) submitted to IMDb has to be approved by our editors who need to verify that it is eligible for inclusion. Please keep in mind that data is always subject to change and that we reserve the right to reject, withdraw or delete information at any time.

Eligibility is not the same thing as existence. We are not just trying to verify that a title exists: we need to verify that it fulfills our requirements to be listed.

New titles are usually processed within a few days, but may take longer in some cases. Please see our processing times for current information on our title approval status and on any backlogs or delays.

To check the status of your new title submission, please either follow the link in the email receipt which you will have received after submitting the title or visit your update history and press the Track Contribution button in the section for your waiting title. The processing times are updated here here.

Please also be aware that new titles, after being approved, may initially appear on the site with little or no credits or other information. This is normal and is due to the way our data is stored and organized. All eligible submitted data will eventually show up.

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