Why don't you have a 'buy' or 'watch' link for a title?

Amazon purchase links are normally updated automatically but in some cases links to videos or DVDs on sale on Amazon.com may be missing or be incomplete (for example, we may display the link to the DVD available from Amazon.com but not to the one on sale on Amazon.co.uk). This may happen because of title differences (especially on non-English language releases) or delays in product availability.

If you noticed that a product (DVD/Blu-Ray/Instant Video titles only, no videogames or books) is on sale on Amazon.com and our page for it doesn't include a 'buy' or 'watch now' option for it, please let us know via the IMDb Contributor > I need help and haven't submitted an update > Titles > Amazon "Watch" or "Buy Now" linking selection on our Contact Form and we'll be glad to add it whenever possible.

We'll need:

  • The exact title of the film or its URL on our site. For example: Spooky House
  • The ASIN (product number) of the product on sale on the Amazon site. The ASIN (or ISBN for books) is a unique number used to identify each item in the Amazon.com store. ASINs are displayed on the product information page for each item in the Product Details section and/or in the page URL. For example:

Please note not all products on sale on Amazon can be linked to films/titles listed on IMDb. We can currently only link to video content (on DVD, Blu-Ray or streaming video), not books, music or other items, and we can only link to content available directly from Amazon.com, not sold by other subsidiaries or third-party sellers.

In some cases, due to technical limitations, certain products may not be available for linking even they are sold on Amazon.com.

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