Title FAQs

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Title FAQs on IMDb record the questions that are frequently asked about a title. Title FAQs include, but are not limited to; questions about the plot, subject matter or source material; motivations of the characters; fan theories; or other information that does not fit into one of the other data categories. See the FAQ for Blade Runner (1982) and Inception (2010) for examples.

Please note that FAQs are currently ‘read only’ while we carry out some essential work to enable a full contribution experience, which means you can’t use the regular submission interface to update them. To edit or report an incorrect or inappropriate FAQ please select the "IMDb Fan/Contributor questions -> Titles -> Other title issues" options on our Contact Form, provide as much information as possible  and an editor will be able to help you out. 

General Guidelines

Please do not add content that fits into other data categories. information including cast/crew, release dates or box office numbers, for example, should be added to their appropriate categories via the regular submission interface and not replicated in FAQ (learn how to contribute to IMDb)

If you spot an incorrect or inappropriate FAQ, please do submit a correction/report, but remember that what passes as an interesting FAQ is not the same for everyone. As long as the question and answer is factually correct and relevant to the title, we’d like to include it.

FAQs should always be in English, regardless of the language of the title. Please also be sure to write in sentence case (i.e. don't capitalize every word in the plot), and avoid using short-hand ‘text speak’ and block capitals.

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