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Common sound mixes

  • This list is for original sound mixes only. Please note that we do not accept sound mixes for DVD releases with re-mixed soundtracks.

  • A list of the attributes currently being used can be displayed by clicking on the gray list icon ( ) next to the attribute field.

  • Silent Silent movie.
    Mono Single channel sound.
    Stereo Unspecified two-channel system; most commonly used for television and video, as film stereo systems are usually specified.
    Dolby Multi Channel surround sound. Nearly all modern movie soundtracks use Dolby or a similar process.
    Dolby SR Dolby Spectral Recording. Uses more advanced noise reduction and provides wider dynamic range than Dolby.
    Dolby Digital The best quality Dolby can provide.
    DTS Digital Theater Systems. Information stored on a CD-Rom and synced to the print.
    DTS-Stereo A Dolby Stereo compatible, analog version of DTS.
    DTS 70mm DTS version for 70mm prints.
    SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound. Another digital sound system that stores discrete information for all available channels.
    Ultra Stereo A popular stereo format.
    Cinerama 7-Track Dynamically mixed multi-channel system, stored on a separate magnetic reel and used with three-strip Cinerama releases.
    70mm 6-Track A discrete 6 channel sound mix, used only on the 70mm release of a film.
    4-Track Stereo Early form of stereo sound.
    Sensurround Another experimental system that delivered thunderous low-frequency rumbles. Only used in four releases.
    Fantasound Experimental Multi Channel, used only on Disney's Fantasia.
    CDS Cinema Digital Sound. One of the earliest digital delivery systems. Now defunct.

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