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Updated 8-February-2022

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Episodes - Overview

  • When adding new episodes to the database you must make sure your episode really is a new title, and that we do not already have it listed for that series (e.g. are you submitting an episode with only a release date? Do we already have this date associated with another episode?). If we have the episode listed, but with some incorrect information associated, you need to update the info of the episode already listed (remember to provide information for the changes you are making - it really does make things quicker.)
    • If a title is later re-released as an episode of a series, then it should be added as a shell episode. This means the episode can be added to a series, but no filmography credits relating to the original title should be added to the shell to avoid crediting the work twice on the name pages of those involved. If the individual contributed to new material relating solely to that episode e.g. hosting segment then they are valid credits and may be added to the shell episode). Please also add a trivia item and a "features" movie connection linking the episode to the original title page.

  • If it is genuinely a new episode you must provide at least one of these three pieces of information to identify an episode, with relevant web links to speed up the process:
    • The title: as it appeared on screen for that particular episode. If an episode title is not shown on screen, the given titles on the supporting press releases during their announcements or on their original digital TV listings are acceptable, however note that we don't currently allow episode titles to be added if they were retrospectively given (e.g. the "Twin Peaks" German DVD release titles). If the episode you are submitting has no title you should leave the Episode Title box blank on submission (but remember to include one other piece of information: original air date/episode number).
    • Original air date: If you supply only the release date, Episode dated will automatically be generated for your episode .
    • Episode number: The episode number should be in the form season.sequence - in other words, the third episode of the fifth season would be 5.3. Sequence number should be based on original air date, not production order. In this case "Episode #5.3" will automatically be generated for this episode number providing no other information is added in the title box field on submission.

  • Please note that it is IMDb policy to list the episodes of a series in the order that they originally aired. Please do not submit any changes to episode numbers to match any subsequent releases. The most famous example of this is "Firefly" (2002), where the episodes are listed in the order they were first released by Fox, not in the intended chronological order.

  • Adding Episode Numbers - Things to consider

    • Pilot: A pilot aired well before the rest of the series, or unaired, is considered episode 1.0; an episode aired between the first and second season, but clearly not part of either, would be episode 2.0 (e.g. "24" (2001) {Season 4 Prequel (#4.0)}). In some cases TV movies or specials are created with no intention of going to series, however they become so popular that one ends up being commissioned. On these occasions we would prefer to keep the original TV Movie separate, as was originally intended, even if it is subsequently packaged as part of the overall series in future airings and dvd releases.
    • Guest names: We now allow guest names as part of the title in chat shows. Up to 4 guests or a combination of guests and special band appearances will be allowed. The correct episode title format is::
    • Gabourey Sidibe/Jeff Goldblum/Kevin Bridges/Pendulum


      Russell Crowe/Reginald D Hunter/David Gandy/Dizzee Rascal

    • Continuous series: For some very long running continuous series that do not use seasons (typically, soap operas, talk shows, and newscasts), episode numbers are all within season 1 (and so your episode number should be in the format of 1.1284 etc).
    • Re-use of the same title: In those rare cases where a long-running series reuses an episode title, the two episodes should generally be distinguished by their sequence number. In the even more rare case where that information is not available, then a Roman numeral can be appended to the episode title: e.g., Title (I).
    • Episode parts: Some programs air two-part episodes from time to time. If the two parts are clearly separated (separate titles or a separate title card), then they should be entered as two separate episodes (with "Part 1/Part 2" on the end of the title if they don't have unique titles). If they are run together as one long episode on original airing (with one set of credits), then they should be treated as a single episode, even if they are separated in reruns, syndication, or other later airings.

    Things to avoid submitting (or things that can't be done)

    • Please do not put episode numbers or the words "Episode number" in the title box - the episode numbers have their own home, and as stated earlier, if you do not have a title one will automatically be generated for the episode you are submitting.
    • Similarly if you are submitting an episode with only a release date, you do not need to add "Episode dated" in the title box as this will also be taken care of.
    • Episodes with different release dates cannot be merged.

        What do we mean by merged?

        Example: The following two episodes were actually shown as one long episode (and should have been listed as episode 3.14) with a single set of end credits, but on the site they have been listed on separate days:

        	"Series" (2005) {Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill (#3.14)} - Release date of 12th May, 2008
        	"Series" (2005) {To Fetch a Pail of Water (#3.15)} - Release date of 19th May, 2008

        If you have evidence to support the merge the best thing to do is change the release dates of the episodes in question first (and remember to add your web evidence with these changes to speed things along) and wait for the changes to occur. Once the changes are live, "Edit the info" of episode #3.15 (changing the episode name and number to be the same as episode 3.14), again with supporting web evidence.

    Re-ordering episodes with titles

    If there is no room for the new episode you wish to add in a particular season because some of the titles are designated to the wrong episode numbers, we would really appreciate any other information you have to support your data.

    • Example of incorrect listing:  You want to add #1.3: "Sat on a Wall":
            Episode #1.1: Pilot
            Episode #1.2: Humpty Dumpty
            Episode #1.3: Had a Great Fall
            Episode #1.4: All the King's Horses
            Episode #1.5: All the King's Men
    • You will need to update each individual page from episode #1.3 to the end of that season's list (season 1 in this case).
    • Delete the old episode numbers and add the correct ones: change the episode numbers of Had a Great Fall from #1.3 to #1.4, All the King's Horses from #1.4 to #1.5, All the King's Men from #1.5 to #1.6 etc. and be sure to submit your new episode Sat on a Wall as #1.3.
    • We strongly recommend changing the episode numbers, and not the titles, in this case.

    Re-ordering episodes without titles

    This is only for episodes that have both episode numbers (without titles) and release dates

    • An example: You are trying to submit an episode dated 8th October but there is no available slot to fit it into:
            Episode #1.39 - release date 7th October 2010
            Episode #1.40 - release date 9th October, 2010
            Episode #1.41 - release date 10th October 2010
    • You will therefore need to go to the episode page and remove the episode numbers first to make room for these episodes. Episodes will then revert to their release date as a title:
            Episode dated 9th  October 2010
            Episode dated 10th October 2010 etc.
    • You will then need to wait at least 7 days before editing these episodes (adding new episode numbers):
            Episode #1.40 - NEW episode submission for the 8 October 2010
            Episode #1.41 - (was episode #1.40) Episode dated 9 October 2010
            Episode #1.42 - (was episode #1.41) Episode dated 10th October

    Deleting episodes

    Before submitting a request to completely remove an episode or series from IMDb, please review our guidelines: Deleting a title page from IMDb.

    Certain titles will not display a "Title Deletion" option. These titles have been identified as of general public interest. If there's a specific reason you believe a title like this should be removed, please contact our Customer Service team using our Contact Us form. You will need to provide the following:

      • The title of the episode (if it has one).
      • The season and episode number (if it has one), e.g. "1.4".
      • The release date of the episode (if it has one).
      • The URL address of the episode page.
      • The reason you wish to remove the episode.

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