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Adding a new title

Updated 17-July-2023

This article provides an overview of all the important information necessary to add a new title to the database.

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Getting started

Title pages on IMDb make up the framework which almost all other information hangs off, such as cast & crew, release dates, trivia, user reviews, and much more.

When adding a new title to IMDb, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as eligibility, formatting, and verification.

This article provides overall information about the process.


type eligibility | year of inventionpublic interest  | prove existence | name formatting | production status'

Checking eligibility: Type of title

The first thing to check is whether the type of title eligible to be listed on

We list a wide variety of different title types, and if there's a visually recorded element it's likely eligible for addition to the database -- we even allow audio only podcasts!

You can find the types of title we can and can't accept below.

Movies Podcasts (including radio shows released as a podcast)
TV / Streaming series Online videos
TV specials / Movies Video games
DVD / Blu-ray extras Sporting / award events
Documentaries Audiobooks
Commercials Music videos
Books Theatre productions (un-filmed)
Music tracks (without video) Radio shows (unless released as a podcast)
There are some edge case rules that cover things like Alternate versions of titles, video game expansion packs, re-releases, anthology seriesand more… You can find these in our Frequently asked questions section below.

Checking eligibility: Year of invention

We do not accept titles types with a year before the type was invented.

The earliest year for which titles are eligible are:

  • Movies: 1888
  • Music Videos: 1894
  • TV: 1927
  • Audio Books: 1932
  • Video Games: 1958
  • VHS: 1976
  • Streaming: 1993
  • DVD: 1996
  • Podcasts: 2004

Checking eligibility: Public interest

For a work to be eligible for inclusion in the database it must be of general public interest and should be available to the public in the future or have been available in the past.

General public interest is assumed if a work has been:

Released in cinemas Online videos
Shown on TV Video games
Available on a streaming service (e.g. Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, etc.) Accepted and shown on film festivals
Listed in the catalog of an established video retailer (e.g. Made by a (now) renowned artist or person of public interest

Additionally, content must be new and cannot simply consist primarily of footage from another title which is (or could be) listed in IMDb. The exception to this is if the creation of the video displays a level of artistic merit or can be considered of public interest.

Content such as repackaged/re-ordered episodes, remastered classics, or trailers are not eligible for listing.

Proving the title exists

To ensure we're showing accurate and factual information, we can only accept submissions which our data team can verify exists.

This means you'll need to provide enough supporting information with your new title submission to help us confirm the title's in active production or released (if you're submitting an in-development title, we have further information in our separate article). 

So, what kind of information do we accept?

Third-party news articles Link to title on streaming platform
Online TV schedule
Trailer / behind the scenes video 
Link to title on online retailers   Production stills
Mentions from reputable sources    
“Official” social media pages User-maintained sites (e.g., Wikipedia)
Production company homepage Streaming service profiles
Crowdfunding sites
If you don't include sufficient information to confirm the title exists, your request may not be approved onto the site.

Title name formatting

To make sure titles have a consistent presentation across the database, there are specific rules around formatting, localization & capitalization – for example:

    • The name should reflect the original title of the production shown in its original language, and as appears on-screen in the opening credits (if released) or how it will appear when released (including festival releases). 

    • The character set used for all primary titles is ISO-LATIN-1, titles using other character sets (e.g., ISO-LATIN-2, Chinese pictograms, Cyrillic letters, etc.) should be transliterated to ISO-LATIN-1.

    • English, Portuguese, Hebrew, Indian languages should capitalize letters at the start of words, with a few exceptions, such as – a / an / and / as / at / by / for / from / in / of / on / or / the / to / with

For a full list of all of our title name formatting rules, such as capitalization for other languages, possessives, subtitles & more – head on over to our Title Formatting article.

In-Development vs. In-Production / Released

Users with a free IMDb account can submit titles in any production status besides In-Development, this is reserved for users with an IMDbPro membership.

Production status  Free IMDb account IMDbPro member 











If you don't have an IMDbPro membership, don't worry about accidentally submitting a title which may be rejected – the option to submit in-Development will not appear in the available list on the submission form for you.

How to

 title name | choose type | populate form  | checking errors | tracking

Ready to begin?

To help you with submitting your request, take a look at the sections below.

Adding your title name

Make sure to follow the formatting rules for title names, mentioned further up this article.

Selecting the title type

Because at IMDb we accept all sorts of titles, you'll need to choose the correct type based on the title you're adding. If you're adding a MovieTV Series, or Video game this should be simple, but for other types such as:

    • Anthology series
    • Web series
    • Podcasts
    • Commercials
    • Sporting events
    • and more

Visit our Title Formatting article for more information as it explains how these should be formatted for submission. 

If you're adding new episodes to an existing series on IMDb, you can add these from the bottom of the series parent page -- this is explained in our article “How can I add a new episode to an episodic series?

Once you're ready, click Check these updates to continue.

Choose if the title already lists in the database

We have millions of titles in the database, and many more are added daily -- it may well be that the title you're adding has already been submitted, you should review the list of suggestions for matching cast.

Checking for matching title

If you find a match, then you don't need to add your new title and can instead use the Edit page button at the bottom of the existing page to update any information.

If you don't find a match, tick the box at the bottom of the form instead to create a new page on IMDb. 

Confirming not an existing title

Populating core information

In the next section you can add all the information associated with the title -- this includes things like cast & crew, release dates, budgets, genres, etc. You don't have to include something in every section; however, there is a minimum requirement before you can submit the new title for review.

As a minimum, you should add:

    • 2 x items of basic identifying information (e.g., genre, director, language, country of origin)

    • 1 x item of production information (e.g., budget, official sites, distributors)

    • 3 x items of major credits (e.g., cast, writers, producers, editors, etc.)

On top of the above, it's mandatory to include a miscellaneous link which provides eligible verification that the title exists. 

If you don't add the required amount of information, you'll be unable to proceed with the submission.

Checking & correcting your input

Once everything is populated on the form, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit  for the system to perform check of the information.

Scroll through and look for any red or yellow sections – these will highlight information that didn't pass the check and may need acknowledging or tweaking. 

Example of error

In the example above, you would simply need to choose the currency from the drop-down above.

Example of error

You may need to run through this process more than once, clicking Re-check these updates after each pass.

Once you've handled any problems on the page, click Example of error and your title should turn green. 

You should now be able to click Submit, and your request will be submitted for review. 

Tracking your submission process

After submitting your request, it should take between 12 - 48 hours to appear on the website.

You can track your request from your contribution history to find its current status and estimated completion time.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most common questions we hear from users when trying to add a new title to the database – if your question isn't answered here, you can always ask a member of our friendly community over at Sprinklr.

I can't submit the form, the option isn't there – I'm stuck!
When will my update be added?
It's been ages, but my update hasn't appeared on IMDb, what's happened?
I promise my title is eligible and will be released! You must add it!
Can I add a different cut, edition, or version to IMDb separately?
The title was listed and now it's gone! Why?
My titles information has been mixed with someone elses
The title is listed twice on the database
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