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How can I provide additional evidence for eligibility of a new title?

The eligibility rules for new titles are described on the new title submission page. In order to add a title, we need evidence that it meets our criteria for inclusion as described on that page. This usually means supplying the URL of an independent third party web site confirming the eligibility. An official site provided by the title's production company is not considered third party evidence. Also, note that user-maintained sites such as Wikipedia and are also not considered suitable evidence.

If your title has been completed and screened, please supply the URL of either a film festival schedule showing the date of your screening, or of an online TV schedule, or a review in a recognized source such as a newspaper, or other similar evidence. You may find search engine sites such as Google helpful in locating these URLs (try the name of the title plus the name of the director). In the cases of older film festival screenings where the festival does not have any archive listings, the Internet Archive often has snapshots of previous versions of sites; for Australian festivals, try PANDORA.

If your title is available from an established online retailer, such as then please supply the URL of the product detail page.

Additionally we do include some titles which are not yet complete, but such listings are only accepted on the basis of an established high profile track record of previously produced eligible titles already in IMDb (more details). In this case please supply the URL of an announcement in a recognized industry source such as The Hollywood Reporter.

To submit additional web based evidence for a pending new title, please return to your update history and locate the original title submission. Clicking the reference number will reload the form ready for you to supply the extra URL information:

  • If there is a section labeled "Miscellaneous Link" already on the page and it is empty, please enter the URL and description there.
  • If the "Miscellaneous Link" section is there but it has already been used for another URL, use the menu to the right of the "Miscellaneous Link" heading to increase the number of URL items you wish to add and then press the "Check these updates" button at the bottom of the page. The page will redraw with additional empty URL forms.
  • If no "Miscellaneous Link" section is visible, scroll down to the main section headed "Recommended Information" and you'll find a option for "Miscellaneous Link" with a menu to add between 1 and 5 items over on the right. Select the number you wish to add and press "Check these updates" and the page will redraw with empty URL forms.
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