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How can I submit additional verification for a credit submission?

When a submitted filmography update doesn't show up within the normal time-frame, this usually means that we've been unable to verify it; in this situation, the best way to ensure that it is accepted is to re-submit the request with additional supporting evidence for our editors to review. 

This article provides guidance on how to include additional evidence to help our editors process your update. 


Evidence for additions & corrections 

We list our filmography based on a titles end credit sequence: 

Example end credit sequence
(Example end credit sequence)

This includes the character name and the oder in which they're listed. 

Depending on if a person was credited on-scren or not, the evidence requirements will be different. 

For names listed in the end credits

If the person is listed by name in the titles end credit sequence, then the only evidence to help our editors verify an update is to provide a screen capture of the credit roll with the name clearly shown. 

The following will have no bearing on the update of a credited roll:


Third party news articles Call sheets
Receipts Pay stubs 

However, these may help support the addition of an "uncredited" role (see below). The only thing that will be accepted for credited roles is being listed on screen:

Name listed in on-screen credits


Name is not listed in the end credits or the title is unreleased

If a person isn't listed in the titles end credits, or the title is unreleased and the end credits aren't yet finalized - the evidence listed above will be sufficient to help a credits update. 

Third party news articles Call sheets
Receipts Pay stubs 

If the title has been released, you'll need to include the attribute of (uncredited) to reflect the name wasn't mentioned in the end credit sequence:

Example of the uncredited attribute
(Example of the uncredited attribute)

More information on the (uncredited) attribute, please see here.

Evidence for credit removals

Our aim is to be the most complete and reliable source of movie, TV, and entertainment information on the web. In order to continue offering our users an accurate and trustworthy service, it is our policy not to alter or delete any kind of correct/factual information from our records.

Deletion requests rejected as Unable to verify, mean our data editors believe the information is factual and as such shouldn't be removed. 

If you believe the information is inaccurate and should be removed, please re-submit your deletion request and try to include as much of an explanation as you can and they will review the request for you.

Please be aware that repeated attempts to remove factual information from the database may result in changes to your account that can impact future updates.

How to submit evidence

  1. Upload screen-grabs of your evidence on the Web where we can access it and make a note of the links/URLs pointing to it. The information must be publicly accessible on the web, so don't upload anything you are not comfortable sharing

  2. Find your original submission in your update history at Update History

  3. Verify that all the data is still valid. If you need to update/amend the information, you can do so now.

  4. While re-submitting the information, select the option "Provide an explanation to assist in processing this submission"

  5. Input the URL's for your evidence, providing as much information as possible.

  6. Submit the form and our editors will review this for you. 

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