Filmography Credits

My credits are scattered over different names, but it's always me. How do I fix this?

This type of name merge correction can be performed through contribution interface.

However, if the change requires some kind of manual editing or you are having trouble submitting, you can simply send us the correction. In your correction, please include all the credits/names and specify which name is the valid one (i.e. who should all they be credited to).

If you've been credited under more than one name during your career, please list all your stage names and name variations so that we may merge all the credits and correctly attribute them to a single person. As usual, the more details you provide, the easier and faster it will be for our editors to apply the correction.

Please be sure to specify whether all the credits found under each name belong to you or not. If not, you must tell us which credits don't belong to you so we can make the appropriate changes. Please make sure you identify all credits by their title, not their number/position on a filmography page (numbers are subject to change due to internal reordering).

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