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Filmography Credits


  • The directors section is only for directors. Second-unit and assistant directors have their own section. Other types of director (e.g., "director of stage version") should go to the additional crew list, apart from supervising directors, who should be submitted to the director section.

  • TV series directors, like most crew, should be added to specific episodes wherever possible.

  • A Director credit is only valid if the individual has played an instrumental role in bringing a film's creative and dramatic vision to the screen. If footage is used from an existing title it is ineligible for a credit as the original director played no role in the artistic creation of this title.

  • If someone received a credit as 'co-director', please add this in the attribute field. In most other cases the attribute field should be left blank - please don't include "directed by" or similar attributes, as this is already implied by the credit itself.

Tracking your contribution

You can now track the status of your Credit submission and if it has not been approved, we'll tell you the reason why.

If you are using the mobile apps, mobile website or desktop website you can access this feature via the 'Track your contribution' button, which has been added to the submission email receipt. Additionally, if you are using the desktop website, you can also use the 'Track Contribution' button now found in your contribution history page.

Clicking this button will take you to IMDb Contributor, our new contribution specific site where you will be shown the status of your request.

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