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Music department

  • The music department list includes all music jobs not already covered by the composer or soundtrack lists, and should include the following:
  • Musicians
  • Orchestrators
  • Music contractors
  • Arrangers
  • Additional Composers
  • All credits related to recording and mixing music.
  • Any music-related credits except composer (songs by, lyricist, singer, musician, arranger, song or music producer, etc.) that do not appear with a specific song or music title.

  • If a title is present, the credit should be:
  • Added (only) to the soundtrack list instead.
  • A name may also appear in the soundtrack listing, but to qualify for the music department list there must be at least one credit with no song or music title.

  • Generally speaking, people listed only in the soundtrack section should not also be included in this list. If they are listed in the main crew section:
  • Vocalists are referred to as "singers";
  • Musicians are referred to as "musician: instrument" (e.g., "musician: piano") rather than with specialized words like "pianist" or "guitarist".

  • A list of the occupations currently being used can be displayed by clicking on the gray list icon ( ) next to the occupation field. Remember job titles reflect the person, not the task, so, for example, "lyricist" rather than "lyrics".

Tracking your contribution

You can now track the status of your Credit submission and if it has not been approved, we'll tell you the reason why.

If you are using the mobile apps, mobile website or desktop website you can access this feature via the 'Track your contribution' button, which has been added to the submission email receipt. Additionally, if you are using the desktop website, you can also use the 'Track Contribution' button now found in your contribution history page.

Clicking this button will take you to IMDb Contributor, our new contribution specific site where you will be shown the status of your request.

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