Filmography Credits

Camera department

  • The camera department list includes those jobs that generally fall under the camera, electric and grip departments, but do not have their own lists. Thus, cinematographers are not included here, since they have their own list. However, modifications of that job title (assistant cinematographer; director of photography: New York; underwater photographer) are included in this list.
  • For our purposes, the camera department includes camera functions (assistant camera, clapper/loader, focus puller), electrical/lighting functions (gaffer/chief lighting technician, best boy/assistant chief lighting technician, generator operator, cable puller), and grip functions (key grip, assistant key grip). Camera-related functions performed during principal photography, such as digital imaging technician, video assist and 24-frame playback also fall here.
  • A list of the occupations currently being used can be displayed by clicking on the gray list icon ( ) next to the occupation field.

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