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Additional crew


  • The "additional", "other" or "misc" crew section is for those job titles not already covered by another section. Job titles covered by another section should be entered in that section. Some job titles that may not be obvious:
    • creator: This is a writing credit.
    • construction-related credits: These are part of the art department.
    • sound-related credits: Please use the sound department (except for music-related sound credits, which go to the music department).
    • effects credits (including model building): Please use the special effects (for on-set work) or visual effects (post production) department lists.
    • producers: All forms of producer (associate, executive, assistant, co-producer, etc.) belong in the producers list.
    • music-related credits: Composers go to the composers list; song performing credits go to the soundtrack list (available only from title pages); all other music-related credits go to the music department.
    • Stand in: If you worked on a title as a stand in, please add yourself to Other Crew, select occupation  as 'stand-in' and include the attribute "(stand in: forename surname)"  - replacing  the name with that of the person you were standing in for.

  • Companies should not be included in this list; they should go to the miscellaneous company list (or, if appropriate, one of the other company lists: special effects companies, distributors, production companies).

  • Occupations

  • The pulldown list includes the most common job titles. For other job titles, please choose "other" and either type it in or choose it from the browser (the icon). Please note that the job titles should reflect the person, not the task. In other words, use "script editor" instead of "script editing"; "weapons consultant" instead of "weapons consulting"; "translator" instead of "translation"; "caterer" instead of "catering".
  • When a job title is added to for necessary context, the modification should be separated with a colon. This is common when extra clarification is needed on location or unit worked, or specific person assisted. For example, "location manager: New York" or "assistant: Mr. Smith" or "script supervisor: second unit". If there is more than one modifier, they should be separated by commas: assistant: Mr. Smith, Los Angeles. Omit the word "unit" in connection with a place ("Paris" rather than "Paris unit").
  • We use lowercase for all job titles but please capitalize proper names as normal (people, places, companies).
  • We list the on-screen credit only, please. It may have been well known on set that someone was the "key production assistant" but if the credit roll says "production assistant" that's what we list. There are errors in credit rolls as everywhere else, and it may sometimes be appropriate to note discrepancies in the movie's Trivia section, but we will still list the credit as shown on screen.
  • Look out for ambiguous words. Some troublesome ones:
    • pilot: could refer to an airplane/helicopter pilot or a pilot episode of a TV series. Should be changed to either "airplane pilot" or "pilot episode" as appropriate.
    • performer: not really meaningful by itself. Perhaps you mean "musician"; perhaps this person belongs in the cast list.
    • extra: as a modifier, not clear whether it refers to background performers or "additional"; therefore, either "extras" or "additional" should be used as appropriate.


  • Please see the separate guide.

  • Group credits

  • If a company or team worked on a film (for example a visual effects company) and received an onscreen credit for its contribution, then an individual who worked as part of that company or team may be listed in IMDb. If their name appears in the on-screen credits they should be listed with their credited job title and the company name if that's also listed (e.g. matchmover: SuperGroovy FX Co.). If their name is not listed in the credits then they should be listed in the same way but with (uncredited) in the attributes box to indicate that there was no on-screen credit.

  • About this list

  • We are aware that every department is important, and the presence of a job in this list should not in any way be seen as an attempt to trivialize it. Over time, we have split a number of job categories out of this list, and we intend to split even more out in the future as time permits.

Tracking your contribution

You can now track the status of your Credit submission and if it has not been approved, we'll tell you the reason why.

If you are using the mobile apps, mobile website or desktop website you can access this feature via the 'Track your contribution' button, which has been added to the submission email receipt. Additionally, if you are using the desktop website, you can also use the 'Track Contribution' button now found in your contribution history page.

Clicking this button will take you to IMDb Contributor, our new contribution specific site where you will be shown the status of your request.

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