Filmography Credits

What is the "profession" order at the top of a name page

The "profession" or "role" summary at the top of a name page is generated automatically based on the filmography credits associated with that page. 

Once credits are added, the system will automatically display the applicable professions (i.e. Actor/Actress, Director, Producer, etc.) based on the number of each profession credit listed on the page (excluding "Thanks", "Self" & "Archive footage credits).

Important note: Episodes are counted as individual titles when deciding the professional ordering. This means, while it may appear that the ordering is incorrect based on the headings under Filmography - once you include episodes in the count, this will line up as expected.

Once another profession has more credits associated with it, it'll automatically update at the top of the page.

Since this is an entirely mathematical approach, the profession order may occasionally not be the best or most representative. If you're an active IMDbPro member, you can select your profession display order - this is explained more in our manage your primary professions article.

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