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How do I correct credits?

Updated 1-February-2022

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Getting started

We try to be as complete, comprehensive and accurate as possible, and information in the database is continuously updated - occasional mistakes may occur.

If you've spotted an error or missing information in a filmography or title page, the fastest and most efficient way to fix it is to submit a correction directly through our site.

This article provides guidance for how to submit corrections to existing credits.


Our aim is to be the most complete and reliable source of movie, TV, and entertainment information on the web - in order to achieve this, we can only accept submissions which are accurate.

you can find more information about our Credit guidelines in either the Cast/Acting Guidelines or under the appropriate Crew member support article.

How to

If you're certain a credit listed on the site needs updating, please follow the steps below to submit your request to the IMDb data team.

Step 1
Head over to the title or name page where the credit is listed, depending on what you're looking to correct you may need to choose a particular starting location.

For example, if you submit a correction via a name page you'll be able to update the: 

  • Title/production associated with the person
  • Character
  • Attribute 
  • Order number


But when submitting a correction via a title page you'll be able to update the: 

  • Name/person associated with the title
  • Character
  • Attribute 
  • Order

Once you're at the right page, scroll to the bottom and click Edit page button.

Step 2
On the Contribution list, find the role the credit is currently associated under and using the drop-down - select 'Correct / Delete' followed by  Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Correct / Delete credit example

Step 3
Next to the name you want to update, use the drop-down and select 'Correct' followed by Check these updates button.

Correcting credit name

Step 4
From here, you can make the change to correct the information.

For example:

Changing character name and adding order number:

Changing character name

Changing the person associated with the credit:
(This particular change can only be submitted from the title page.)

Changing person associated with credit

Step 5
Once you've made your updates, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Re-check these updates button.

Step 6
If there are problems with the correction, they'll appear in red or yellow on the page along with a short sentence explaining the problem that needs fixing.

Make the corrections and re-click Re-check these updates button

 Adding evidence

Sometimes it may be helpful to include supporting evidence with your request, this will help our data editing team verify the request for you.

You can do so by ticking the box to Provide an explanation in the contribution form.

More information on how to do this is available in our additional credit evidence article.

 Tracking your submission

After submitting your request, it should take between 12 - 48 hours to appear on the website.

You can track your request from your contribution history to find it's current status and estimated completion time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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