Filmography Credits

How do I correct my credits?

We try to be as complete, comprehensive and accurate as possible, and the information in the database is continuously updated, but occasional mistakes and omissions are inevitable. If you have spotted an error or missing information in a filmography or title page, the fastest and most efficient way to fix it is to submit a correction directly through our site.

Every page in the database has an "Edit Page" button. Click on the button on the page for the person or title you want to correct and follow the onscreen instructions. In most cases you'll be prompted to enter an optional or mandatory explanation along with the correction: please be as specific and detailed as possible. There is no such thing as too much information here: if our editors cannot positively understand the reason for your request, they will not be able to apply the changes.

Wrong name listed on a title page?

If the wrong name is listed on a title - you will have to submit the update via the title page itself to correct the actor association. Where possible, please try to correct any data as opposed to simply deleting it. 

Updating via a name page

If you submit a credit correction via a name page, you will only be able to update: 

  • Title
  • Character
  • Attribute 
  • Order

Updating via a title page

When submitting a credit correction via a title page, you will be able to update: 

  • Name
  • Character
  • Attribute 
  • Order

For a few commonly asked questions (and misconceptions) about correcting credits, please see this page.

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