Filmography Credits

How are filmographies ordered? Why do my acting credits appear before my writing credits?

Filmographies are ordered automatically on our site and the order of the order of the credits/categories is based on the number of titles in each one.

For example: if someone is credited on 2 titles as director, 5 titles as cinematographer and 1 as actor/actress, their listing will display the cinematographer credits first, then the directing credits and finally the acting one. Please note that TV episodes count as individual titles.

Credits within each category are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent ones at the top) based on the earliest known release date of each title.

When two categories have the same number of titles/credits, the one with the most recent credit appears first.

The only exception to this rule is the 'Thanks' category (mentions in the 'special thanks' section of a film always appear as the last category, regardless of the number of titles).

This automatic ordering isn't meant to imply anything about the relative importance of the various credits and applies to filmographies/credits stored on For this reason, we regret that we can't change the order of credits on a specific filmography page.

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