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A department head is a person who leads, supervises, or heads a specific department (or sub department) within a production - they are also sometimes responsible for hiring others into their department.

For example, the cinematographer or director of photography is the head of the camera and lighting department. Similarly, the sound mixer is the head of the sound department.

Some departments have sub departments within them and each sub department may or may not have a department head.



Department heads are very rarely listed in a title's end credit sequence - therefore, similar to Showrunners & Head Writers, listing Department heads is a rare exclusion to our policy of:

"Listing all information on IMDb based on a titles end credit sequence."

Please follow the below guidelines to make sure the information is added correctly:

  • The person must always have another credit on this title within the same category.

  • You cannot add "(department head)" attributes to thanks, actor/actress, director and producer departments.

  • Department heads are not always credited as such on-screen, so please don't add it as an occupation with the "(uncredited)" attribute.

  • You don’t need to contribute a new (department head) credit if the person already has a similar credit but with a slightly different attribute e.g. head of department.

  • The department head credits must not be contributed for titles released before the year 2000.

  • You should add a new credit for department head, instead of correcting an existing listing.

 How to

The department head designation is contributed in the attribute field of a new credit submission:

Image of example department head

This attribution should be contributed in the format (department head) or (department head: [department name]) e.g. (department head: Graphics).

The attribute (department head) means they were head of the category while the attribute (department head: [department name]) can be used to specify the department other than the category.

You can submit new credits, or update existing ones via the    button at the bottom of either the name  or title  pages.

Visit our supporting articles for more information on submitting the updates:

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