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Why have you deleted one or more of my credits?

Data on IMDb is always subject to change and we reserve the right to withdraw or delete information at any time.

Due to the massive volumes of credits that they process on a daily basis, our editors are normally unable to look into specific reasons why information has been deleted or changed.

Important: if the credit used to be included in the cast/crew of a new or upcoming release and it was subsequently deleted, it means that we couldn't verify that it appeared in the onscreen credits.

Credits for new/unreleased titles are always accepted provisionally. When the film is about to be released, we revise our listing based on the film's actual on-screen credits and/or on details provided by the studio or production company. Please remember that we aim to list credits as they appear on screen. If the cast or crew member did not receive a screen credit, we will probably remove them. For more information about the eligibility of uncredited work, please see this page.

Once again please remember our listings are meant to include people who received on-screen billing (i.e. a credit in the main or end titles). If you worked on a production but you didn't receive a credit, in most cases we won't be able to add your name to our listing.

Please also note that sometimes the information has not really been deleted, but is just temporarily hidden from view. This frequently happens when we have to separate credits that belong to two persons sharing the same name, or when we have to move a credit from a filmography or title to another. In these cases the title is temporarily deleted and readded to the correct place in the database. The process can take a couple of weeks, during which the credit becomes unavailable. If you recently requested a name change or correction and your credit disappeared after that, it's probably just being fixed and it will reappear within a couple of weeks.

The following are the most common reasons why information is deleted from the site:

  • The credit may have been found to be ineligible for inclusion in the database. While we try to collect and list most types of film-related information, there are some kind of credits that we don't list. For example we don't list appearances/work in stage plays, radio, trailers, posters, key-art, foreign dubbing, etc. This type of information may be listed in the "Other Works" section of a person's biographical information (click here for an example) but will not appear directly under their filmography.


  • Your credit may have been originally added to the wrong filmography section. For example, we list only main film editors in the Editor credits section: other types of editing jobs (such as sound editor or assistant editors) need to be added under the proper data section (e.g. Sound Department or Other Crew).
    Only the main composer of a film score belongs to the Composer section: credits for songs belong to the Soundtrack sections; only the casting director belongs to the Casting section: associate/assistant/extras casting belongs to the Casting Department list. We list only acting roles in the Cast section of a film, so other types of performances need to be added under the proper data section. For example: voice-overs, looping, ADR work, stand-ins, photo doubles and puppeteers belong to Additional Crew; stunt performers and stunt doubles belong to the Stunts section, etc.
    When in doubt, check how similar credits are already listed on the page of another film.


  • If the missing credit was for a TV show, it may have been removed because it was only eligible to be attached to individual episodes. We now try to have a separate page for each episode of a TV series. In some cases, a credit may have been incorrectly added to the page for the main listing of a show (e.g. instead of the listing for the episode in which the person appeared or worked (e.g. When we realize that a credit was incorrectly added to the main series' listing and we are able to identify which episode(s) it should have been added to, we are able to move the credit. When however we don't have that information we remove the credit from the TV series' main page. If this is the case, you will have to resubmit the credit as an addition to the correct individual episode or episodes.


  • We could not verify the presence of the credit in the film. This typically happens when we receive credits for a film which is still in production or unreleased or hard to obtain. Sometimes we receive conflicting information about the status of a production and might temporarily alter, remove or prevent change to credits until we are able to verify that they correspond to what is listed on-screen. If the credit belongs to you, we'll be glad to add it if you can help us verify it meets our eligibility requirements (e.g. verification that you have received or will receive on-screen billing).


  • The credit may have been incorrect. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes people think they've recognized a familiar actor in a film, or maybe have heard rumors about the cast or crew of an upcoming film that later turn out to be incorrect. We are careful about the data that is posted on our site and tend to err on the side of caution.


Sometimes, an entire title is removed from the database (and thus, from the credits of all people involved). This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • We may have determined, in retrospect, that the title was not eligible for listing in the database. This is more likely to happen with titles added before we adopted our current eligibility rules in late 2003.
  • If the title was not yet completed, we may have decided that its eventual listing in the database was not yet certain enough for it to remain. Perhaps some major elements have fallen through, or the production has been delayed for some reason.
  • A television title may have been determined to actually be an episode of an existing series. In such cases, it should have been moved to that series, but if not, you are welcome to resubmit the relevant credits to the episode title.
  • We may have determined that this was actually an alternate version of another title already in the database.

If you feel your credit was incorrectly removed and you are positive that it doesn't fall into any of the above categories, you're welcome to resubmit it once. Please be sure to include a comment to provide the additional information that may help us verify it (as described above).

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