Filmography Credits

Special effects department

  • Special effects generally encompasses those effects that are achieved live on set, such as pyrotechnics or forced perspective. It does not include visual effects, which are usually achieved optically or digitally during post-production (including model work).
  • You must include a job title.
  • If a company or team worked on a film and received an onscreen credit for its contribution, then an individual who worked as part of that company or team may be listed in IMDb. If their name appears in the on-screen credits they should be listed with their credited job title and the company name if that's also listed (e.g. special effects: SuperGroovy FX Co.). If their name is not listed in the credits then they should be listed in the same way but with (uncredited) in the attributes box to indicate that there was no on-screen credit.
  • A list of the occupations currently being used can be displayed by clicking on the gray list icon ( ) next to the occupation field.
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