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Script & Continuity

This department includes all jobs and functions related to the process of translating a script from paper to screen, including:

  • Overseeing and preserving continuity
  • Maintaining various drafts of a screenplay
  • Creating and annotating the shooting script
  • Generally ensuring the structural integrity of the story to facilitate the process of editing scenes seamlessly.

These jobs include:

  • Script supervisors and coordinators
  • Script editors
  • Continuity supervisors 
  • and more! 

The script department only includes production jobs - script related jobs for members of the screenwriting staff (like story editors) still belong to the writers list

It also only includes script continuity jobs - visual or sound continuity tasks (e.g. animation or storyboard continuity, adr continuity, etc.) belong to those respective departments (animation department, art department, sound department etc.)

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