Filmography Credits


  • This list records all forms of producer credit: producer, executive producer, line producer, etc. Therefore, you must specify which specific task the person is credited with.
  • A list of the occupations currently being used can be displayed by clicking on the gray list icon ( ) next to the occupation field.
  • Commissioning editors and series editors are producing roles and should be submitted here.
  • A note on "presented by": For films produced under the studio system, such credits often indicated the head of the studio and nothing more. They might, in some cases, be somewhat analogous to a modern Executive Producer credit, but should not be translated into such; they should be added to the miscellaneous crew section as "presenter".
  • A note on "uncredited": For films that credit producers on the screen, we will not accept uncredited producers. Exceptions are made for older titles that do not necessarily list all producers in the credits.
  • If the name appears in the on-screen credits under a Company sub-heading then they should be listed with their credited job title and the company name in the attribute field separated via a ":" (e.g. executive producer: Example Company).
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