Filmography Credits

Complete cast & crew

  • The term "complete" here means that the filmography data on a title page accurately reflects the onscreen cast or crew credits. It does not mean that the title has been completed, i.e. has finished production, or that you have completed your submission.
  • We are aware that this is an imperfect system and that some titles are marked complete which are not, or which have been edited since they were marked "complete", but it is nevertheless extremely useful to our Data Editors when checking subsequent submissions and corrections so it is important and is not added lightly.
  • Before confirming a cast or crew as complete, please be sure that anyone who does not have an onscreen credit is marked with the "(uncredited)" attribute (or deleted if not clearly identifiable 'on-screen').
  • For cast credits, please review our policy concerning credit order if you are not familiar with it.
  • The boxes for "The cast/crew is not complete" only need to be used if we currently have the cast or crew incorrectly marked complete; if the cast/crew are not already marked complete, there is no need to confirm that fact.
  • If a cast or crew are incorrectly marked complete and are locked you should contact our data editors via the Contact Us form and follow these prompts: IMDb Fan/Contributor questions > Filmography credits > Other credit issues.
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