Filmography Credits

Music department

  • The music department list includes all music jobs not already covered by the composer or soundtrack lists, and should include the following:
  • Musicians
  • Orchestrators
  • Music contractors
  • Arrangers
  • Additional Composers
  • All credits related to recording and mixing music.
  • Any music-related credits except composer (songs by, lyricist, singer, musician, arranger, song or music producer, etc.) that do not appear with a specific song or music title.

  • If a title is present, the credit should be:
  • Added (only) to the soundtrack list instead.
  • A name may also appear in the soundtrack listing, but to qualify for the music department list there must be at least one credit with no song or music title.

  • Generally speaking, people listed only in the soundtrack section should not also be included in this list. If they are listed in the main crew section:
  • Vocalists are referred to as "singers";
  • Musicians are referred to as "musician: instrument" (e.g., "musician: piano") rather than with specialized words like "pianist" or "guitarist".

  • A list of the occupations currently being used can be displayed by clicking on the gray list icon ( ) next to the occupation field. Remember job titles reflect the person, not the task, so, for example, "lyricist" rather than "lyrics".

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