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IMDb Video FAQs

How do I watch a film or TV show on IMDb?

Many movie and TV show title pages feature videos. You can find the videos listed under the Video section on a title page.

I am having problems watching video on your site. Can you help me?

The majority of videos on IMDb are in HTML5 and should play on any modern browser. We do have a small number of video still in Flash format, although these are being phased out so you should not need Flash for most video content. If you're having trouble viewing a video on IMDb, we recommend the following: Try disabling any pop-up or ad-blocking software. Some ad-blocking utilities can prevent video from streaming. Try a different browser. If one browser works and another does not, this indicates that the issue is with that particular browser configuration. Try again later -- there might be a temporary network issue affecting video streaming with via your internet connection. The problem may simply resolve itself after a few hours.

How do I find a a list of trailers?

For the latest movie trailers, please visit our Latest Trailers.

I could swear that a video was available for viewing a few days ago, but I do not see it anymore. What happened?

Some of our video content is made available by external content partners who may impose restrictions on when a title can be streamed and for how long. Typically, many titles have a window during which they are available for online viewing. When this window closes, the video is removed from IMDb.

I just watched a film that featured nudity and other offensive content. Is this allowed?

Some videos may feature content (i.e. language or violence) meant for a mature audience. This is the case, for example, with R-rated films. This content is only meant to be available to registered users aged 18 or older. You will have to be logged in to watch this content. If you have noticed content that you believe to be objectionable and did not see a warning or a request to login first, please report this to our staff using this form. I watched a trailer that belonged to a different film than the one I was expecting. What's going on? Titles and videos are automatically matched by our software. This is usually accurate in 99% of cases, but mistakes are always possible, particularly when two films have the same (or very similar) titles. If you have found video content that is linked to the incorrect title or name, please report this to our staff using this form.

I am a filmmaker and I would like to make my film or trailer available to IMDb users. How do I upload it?

For further details, please see our Help page for how to add videos.

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