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How do I change the order credits are displayed on an IMDb page?

Whenever a person's filmography is displayed, the order of the categories is based on the number of credits in each category. For example if someone has:

  • 2 credits as director
  • 5 credits as cinematographer 
  • 1 as producer

their listing will display in the order: 

  1. Cinematographer 
  2. Directing credits
  3. Producing 

Episodes are counted individually

Because episode credits are also factored in, it may appear like a smaller category is listed first. Double check that the person is listed on the exact episodes of a television show that they worked on, in order to ensure the correct ordering.


"Self" credits and "Thanks" credits always appear as the last categories on the page, regardless of the number of entries.

This order isn't meant to imply anything about the relative importance of the various credits. It's just a technical convention. This is a software-dictated function which applies to all filmographies in IMDb and cannot be changed.

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