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NewsDesk FAQ

This article covers the top questions asked by IMDb users & News partners in relation to the News feature on & IMDbPro.

General User FAQ's

What is the News section?

The news section surfaces articles on IMDb relating to a person, title, or company - the articles are provided to IMDb by third party providers such as Variety, Deadline, The Wrap, and more

The articles we display are only short teasers (usually one or two paragraphs), and will include a link to the full article on the external website. 

Where can I find the News section?
How do I correct news article links?
How can I report a broken or incorrect article?

News Partner FAQ's

What is a NewsDesk Partner and why do I want to be one?
How do I become a NewsDesk Partner?
What's required of a news feed from a Partner?
This all sounds too easy. What's the catch?
What are some partner no-nos?
What if the RSS feed changes?
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