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Known For title selection

The default 'Known For' titles displayed at the top of an individual's IMDb page are automatically chosen through a complex weighting system. 

IMDbPro members may choose these titles as they wish.

Example of Known for


Every credit in the filmography is assigned a "weight" based on a series of factors. These may include:

  • The job performed on the title (a credit as director will have more weight than a credit as production assistant).

  • The frequency of credits for a particular job in the context of the person's filmography (writing credits may have more weight for someone who is more frequently credited as a writer than as a producer).

  • The type of title (a credit for a theatrical feature has a different weight than a credit for a short film or a TV series).

  • The popularity of the title (this takes into consideration the number of hits/page views, the average user rating, any awards won by the title and several other indicators).

  • The relative importance of the credit among similar ones for the same title (for example an acting credit for someone who received top billing will weigh more than an acting credit for a cameo appearance; a single writing credit on a film will weigh more than a credit shared with several other writers, etc).

These aren't the only factors we consider, but should be enough to give an idea of the approach we've used. The top four titles with the highest score are listed in the 'Known For' category.

The algorithm used to select Known For titles is constantly being improved. Also, the weight assigned to each title within a filmography is recalculated on a periodic basis, so the addition of new credits on someone's filmography will have an impact on their Known For titles.

Since this is an entirely mathematical approach, some of our Known For choices may occasionally not be the best or most representative ones - if you're an active IMDbPro member, you may select your Known For titles.

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