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Showtimes & Ticket Experience FAQ

While theaters are closed, some data on the pages referenced in this article may be delayed or unavailable. In the meantime, check out What's on TV and Streaming.

Does IMDb have showtimes information?

IMDb makes it easy to browse movie showtimes near you and buy movie tickets. You can pre-order movie tickets to guarantee your seat, skip the lines when you arrive at the theater, and even pre-order drinks, popcorn, candy and other concessions at select theaters. To save your favorite theaters, just click the heart icon next to the theater name to mark it as a favorite. Our listings include standard movie showtimes, plus premium formats like Real 3-D and IMAX. You can browse by movie, by theater, or by the time you want to head out to the movie. You can also filter movies based on genre, IMDb rating, content rating, release year, and more. All these options are available on on desktop or mobile device, or through our app available on Android and iOS.

Can I purchase movie tickets on IMDb?

Users in the USA and Canada can purchase tickets via IMDb Ticketing, Powered by Atom Tickets. To purchase tickets on the IMDb app visit the Showtimes page via the "Search" tab. From this page, you can filter the results by Movies, Theaters, or a specific time that works for you. Once you have found the perfect option, select “Tickets”, then select “Buy Tickets” next to the showtime of your choosing. IMDb does not provide ticket purchasing for other countries at this time.

How do I set my favorite theaters?

If you have specific theater that you prefer in your area you can set it as a 'favorite' for quick future reference. On desktop, just click the heart icon next to the theater.

Theaters saved in this way will appear at the top of the showtimes page under the ‘Favorites’ tab.

On Android devices, you'll see the option to select 'Theatres' at the top of the Showtimes page. You can select the heart to the right of any theater you'd like to mark as a favorite. Favorites marked in this way will appear under 'Favorite Theaters' at the top of this page.

On iOS devices, the heart will be located to the left of the theater name.

How does the site know where I am?

IMDb uses location services in your mobile device or browser to provide up to date showtime information in your area. Location services must be turned on to use Showtimes.

How can I change my location?

You can update your location by turning off the ‘Current Location’ setting on your browser, or by selecting the 'change' option near the top of the page. A box will appear where you can manually input the city or zipcode you want to search.

When you change your location to a postal code, we remember the postal code for when you visit the Showtimes page again later. The remembered postal code will be a 'coarse' postal code, even if you originally entered a 'fine' postal code. 

For example, in the US, if you enter a 'fine' Zip+4 postal code (e.g. 98105-3702):

When you re-visit the page again later, the remembered postal code will only be the 'coarse' five-digit zip postal code (e.g. 98105):

On an iOS device, you'll see the 'current location' icon in the top right hand of the screen, near the currently chosen date.

To change your search area, select this icon and toggle your current location to 'off'.

You can then input your desired location in the 'Showtimes Location' box.

Android devices will have a 'current location' target icon in the top right.

Toggling this option will prompt you to input your desired area by country and postal code.

How do I display showtimes for a date in the future?

Below the title 'Showtimes and Tickets' you'll see a list of upcoming dates for the week ahead. Simply select the desired date to be taken to available showtimes for that date.

On iOS devices, you'll see the currently selected date displayed at the top of the page, near the 'current location' icon. Just tap this date to bring up a list of dates to select from.

Android device users will see a small arrow next to the 'current location' target. Tapping the arrow will bring up your range of dates to select. 

Where do your Showtimes come from?

IMDb receives showtimes data globally from Webedia. Our ticketing available for U.S. and Canada users is powered by Atom Tickets. At this time showtimes are available for the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • UK
  • US

How do I report a movie or theater missing from the Showtimes list?

Please contact our partner Webedia directly.

What happens if Atom does not offer movie tickets in my area?

When we do not offer tickets for a selected theater, you’ll be redirected to the theater's website to purchase your tickets. The showtime details you selected will carry over automatically.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with purchasing a ticket?

If you experience any issues purchasing a ticket, after leaving, please contact Atom Tickets directly by any of the following means:

Phone - (844) 838-6284

Email -

Online - Atom Tickets Support

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