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I want to buy a movie or show. How do I find out if it's it available?

We do not catalog information about videos, and we do not sell anything ourselves. IMDb is part of the group of companies: we simply link to their catalog as a service to our visitors but all sales of videos, music, books, and more are handled directly by

We do not attempt to accurately catalog books and other merchandise, but rely on Amazon's search function.

Because our focus is not sales, we list every film/TV show we are aware of that meet our criteria for inclusion, whether or not they are available on video or ever have been; in some cases, there are no known copies remaining in any form. This is not unlike an encyclopedia that lists animal species that are extinct.

There are two ways to determine whether a particular title is available on video at

  1. Search for the movie title at IMDb. Below the films poster, there will be several options to watch or buy the film. If available, the “Watch Now” on Amazon Video icon will be displayed. The “On Disc” icon located to the right will direct you to to purchase a physical copy.
  2. Visit the video store home page for your country of residence and search directly:


If you need help finding a title, please post your question in the Official IMDb Support Community Get Satisfaction on the I Need to Know board.

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