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User naming - User ID, Real name, IMDb page

This article provides information into the difference between User ID, Real name, IMDb name page and Contribution details.

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User ID

Everyone with an IMDb account has a User ID - it's a label associated with your opinion content if you’ve made that content public. This includes:

  • User reviews
  • Lists
  • Your Watchlist
  • Ratings

Your User ID also appears on Your Activity page and provides you with a consistent way to be represented across IMDb. 

You can change your User ID by visiting the Change your User ID page in the Account Settings section.

You can also update the text shown in the description field of Your Activity page. You may decide to do this if you want to share information with others on IMDb, (e.g., social media links).

Real Name

Everyone with an IMDb account also has a private contact name (real name). This appears only in your view, in the navigation bar in the upper right of every IMDb page. Your real name is used for communication with customer service and emails you receive from IMDb.


Your User ID is used internally to identify your contributions to IMDb. Contributions are always anonymous with these exceptions:

  • You can, if you choose to, include a ‘by’ line on mini-bios and plots submitted through the main submission interface (clicking ‘Edit page’ on title and name pages on or
  • For plots submitted via mobile, you can choose between ‘Anonymous’, ‘real name,’ or ‘UserID

IMDb name pages

If you are an entertainment industry professional with credits listed in IMDb you may have an IMDb name page. This is different than your User ID. 

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