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Since 1974 Exhibitor Relations, Co. has supplied studios, networks and media outlets with the verifiable knowledge and insight necessary to maintain a distinct advantage in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace. Exhibitor Relations provides essential services to the film industry and news media and anyone interested in movies and box office data.

With state-of-the-art research tools, ERC continues to expand and revolutionize the research process for entertainment industry clients and other global businesses. For further information, please visit Exhibitor Relations.

Famous Frames

Since established in 1988, Famous Frames has held its position as the preeminent talent agency representing artists that specialize in storyboards, shooting boards, comp art, illustration and full-service cinematic production

Famous Frames represents a roster of 100+ of the world’s top illustrators. For more information, please visit Famous Frames.


The Motion Picture Association (MPA) provides IMDb with ratings reasons, which helps describe the content of movies listed on IMDb. For more information, please visit MPA.


The Motion Picture and Television Archive (MPTV) is dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and promotion of the most outstanding past and present photography from all facets of the entertainment industry. MPTV's growing library includes over one million fully documented images by more than fifty photographers; many never before published with biographies of the photographers wherever available. For more information, please visit MPTV.


The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has a well-defined process for determining credits on projects produced under its jurisdiction. These productions are generally USA-controlled live-action film and TV projects, produced either by studios or major independent producers. In 1999, the WGA began furnishing credits directly to IMDb. The absence of the WGA indicator on earlier credits should not be construed as a sign of unofficial status, merely a sign of age.

In general, the credits determination process works as follows: When the film is finished shooting, the producer sends a notice to the guild and the writers proposing the writing credits. If any writer disagrees with those credits, or if the proposed credits require mandatory arbitration (i.e., a producer or director sharing a writing credit), a WGA arbitration committee reads all drafts of the script and various supporting materials and determines the actual/official credits. If there is no source material (novel, play, article, etc.) and the same writers receive credit for both the story and screenplay, the credit is "written by". The "story by" credit is used when the basic narrative structure was originally written with intent to be used for a movie (as opposed to a short story) and the actual screenplay had different authors. A shared "story by" credit is the minimum awarded to the author of an original screenplay. If there was previously existing source material but the writer creates a substantially new and different story from the source, then the "screen story" (or "television story") credit is used. Finally, the "screenplay by" (or "teleplay by") credit is used to denote the screenplay (teleplay) authorship if the story credit had to be separated as above. In rare cases, "adaptation by" can be awarded to a writer who shapes the script without qualifying for one of the above credits. There are other specialized credits used for television programs such as documentaries and audience participation shows. Within each of these categories, members of a writing team are joined by "&"; teams or writers working on separate drafts are joined by "and".

IMDb will not accept uncredited writers for titles with WGA-determined credits. For more information, please visit WGA.


WireImage provides high-quality, event-based imagery and related services to traditional publishing, new media, broadcasting, and other commercial enterprises worldwide. Their imagery is captured by an elite team of professional photographers using state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and delivered to customers via the Internet, FTP, or physical shipment.

WireImage has extensive experience covering major entertainment, fashion, professional sports, news, corporate, and feature events. Their team comprises acclaimed photographers and industry veterans whose work is featured in major domestic and international publications. They bring decades of experience in producing and licensing professional imagery to thousands of corporate buyers worldwide.

WireImage also has an archive of over two million images that represent one of the premier collections covering the American entertainment and music history over the past 30 years. This archive at WireImage is expanding daily and comprises contemporary entertainment, documentaries, features, sports, and other event-based imagery from around the world. For more information please visit WireImage.

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