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NewsDesk Partner FAQs

What is a NewsDesk Partner and why do I want to be one?

A NewsDesk Partner sends IMDb their RSS 2.0 feed containing their site or publication's articles. IMDb publishes a stub of each chosen article from those feeds on the IMDb. We strip out the HTML from those feeds, do smart, relevant linking with our names, and titles on IMDb, and publish the headlines and the content of the stubs on the linked IMDb pages.

The benefits of becoming a Newsdesk Partner are:

  • Your article headlines can appear on the relevant people and title pages on our site
  • Your articles appear on the compendium/ News page for that person, character, or title
  • You get a NewsPartner page of your own on our site, which aggregates all of your articles on the site
  • Your article remains as a permalink on the site

    Each of the above instances will have a link back to either your homepage or the relevant article. Your logo will appear on the Newsdesk Partner page and permalink page and all logos link back to their source.

    Newsdesk helps our NewsDesk Partner site increase their reach and relevance online. Serving as an important short-term AND long-term traffic driver for NewsDesk Partner sites, NewsDesk offers you an incredible opportunity to deep-link across large tracts of our site, getting your articles in front of exactly the right audience.

How do I become a NewsDesk Partner?

We are no longer accepting applications for additional content providers. If we begin accepting applications in the future, we will post it to the site, so please check back for further updates. We appreciate your interest.

What's required of a news feed from a Partner?

Here's what you (or your tech team) will need to do: send us your RSS 2.0 or Atom feed with the standard feed elements -- headlines (title), timestamp (pubDate), Partner name (channel), the article (description), and the referral link back to the full article (link). We also ask that you include at least 150 words (can be longer) in the article and tags around proper entertainment names and titles. We are hoping for several articles per day from Partners, but don't worry, we are also interested in more relevant, timely stories than just a flurry of pieces.

Not all submissions will be chosen. Due to volume, we're unable to reply to most submissions. If you need help, please provide us with your feed and specifics and we'll be glad to help.

This all sounds too easy. What's the catch?

The only catch, if you want to call it that, is that we need to retain the right to continue to publish the text from articles we've received, even if our associations ends. We do this so that our users can still find the stub of the article they read, particularly if they've sent that link to a friend, bookmarked it, etc. We will continue to link to you from the article in the manner mentioned above. For more details, please read the Newsdesk Terms and Conditions. All Newsdesk Partners need to agree to the Newsdesk Terms and Conditions.

What are some partner no-nos?

We ask that article content average 100 words for strict news source providers (whose full article contains 125-150 words) and 150 words for providers who have longer articles. We will not publish stories with a word count lower than 60 words, and an association with a Partner who was providing less than the requested word count would be be less than ideal and would probably be discontinued.

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