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IMDb Showtimes & Ticket Experience

  • Where do you get Showtimes from?

    IMDb receives showtimes data globally from Webedia. Our ticketing experience, available for U.S. and Canada users, is powered by Atom Tickets.


  • Are Showtimes available for all countries?

    No. Showtimes are only available for the following countries:

    New Zealand

  • Who do I contact if there is a movie or theater missing from the list?

    You can contact Webedia directly.


  • Can I purchase movie tickets on IMDb?

    Users in USA and Canada can purchase tickets via IMDb Ticketing, Powered by Atom Tickets. Buy tickets on the IMDb app by selecting "Showtimes & Tickets." IMDb does not provide ticket purchasing for other countries at this time.


  • What happened to Fandango?

    IMDb ticketing is no longer powered by Fandango. As of July 1, 2017, you can purchase tickets with IMDb Ticketing, Powered by Atom Tickets.

    • Log in and purchase tickets with your Amazon account and be on your way
    • Browse showtimes for movies in your area
    • Skip all the lines by preordering concessions (where available)

    For assistance with tickets purchased via Fandango, Fandango member points, and other Fandango-related issues please contact Fandango Customer Service directly.


  • What happens if Atom does not offer movie tickets in my area?
    When we do not offer tickets for a selected theater, you will be redirected to the theater's website to complete your purchase. Showtime details will carry over automatically.


  • How does the site know where I am?

    IMDb uses location services in your app or browser to provide showtimes in your area. Location services must be turned on for showtimes to work properly. You can enter another ZIP code for showtimes elsewhere.


  • Who do I contact if I have an issue with purchasing a ticket?

    If you experience any issues with purchasing your ticket, after leaving, please contact Atom Tickets directly by any of the following means:

    Phone - (844) 838-6284
    Email -
    Online - Atom Tickets Support
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