How can I combine two IMDb filmography pages?

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I have two accounts, how can I merge them?

This article refers to combining name pages/filmographies. By "two accounts" people often refer to "two name pages" on IMDb. If you have created two accounts (i.e. registered twice on IMDb with two different emails), see this help article about how to handle.

I have two profiles, how can I combine them?

Please check you are referring to a name page on the site.  An IMDb name page, such as: is the page listing an individual's filmography, biography, trivia, and news.

Whereas the "Your Activity" page, such as: is the page listing an IMDb user's ratings, lists, and badges - every registered account will have one of these. These pages cannot host credits nor can they be merged into name pages.

If you're sure all data belongs to you or that the name page is completely empty, before submitting a name merge you'll need to determine which name is correct, or which is to be the "primary name".

If you have worked under two or more names, their primary name should be the one used most often, unless you have chosen to use a particular name for all work in the future.

From here follow these instructions to submit the merge.

You have two name pages for the same person, how can I merge them?/Person has two pages, how can they be combined?

Note: Please only submit a name merge if you are sure that all data on both name pages belong to the same person - incorrect merges can take a long time to correct and during that time the information will be listed badly on the website. 

Only some information is wrong? If data is mixed up in the pages you'll need to move each item separately - you can find a guide on how to correct existing credits here

Is one of the pages empty? If a name page looks empty and you think a duplicate page was created incorrectly, merging is the preferred way to get rid of the empty name!

IMPORTANT: A name page can only be considered 'empty' if it does not contain any bio, credits, performer profile, photos or Contact data - some of which you cannot see or access unless you are an IMDbPro member. If you don't have an IMDbPro membership, check for a More at IMDb Pro section - if a name page has links to Contact Info or Clients etc, the page isn't empty and you shouldn't merge it.


If you're confident two pages should be merged together, take a look at the short video below to see how you can make this happen. Don't forget, you can pause the video if you need a little more time and there are written instructions below. 


Quick step by step instructions

1. Open the two pages you'd like to merge together in separate tabs. 

2. On the page you would like to disappear, select Edit page

3. Next to the option for 'Name Correction or Merge' use the drop-down on the right and select "Add correction" then Continue

4. In the blank field under "Name Correction of Merge" you'll want to add the unique identifier of the page you're merging into (the page which will remain). 

5. Add an explanation as to why these should be merged, the more information you can provide - the better!
      5a. If the names are different between the two pages, keep the box "Preserve previous name on existing credits" as this will retain the other name on the credit.
6. Scroll down and click Check these updates so the system can make sure everything is OK with your request. 

7. On this next page, you will see all warning's associated with the request - make sure to read this as it will explain what's happening. 

8. When you're ready, tick the box which says "Warning understood, go ahead anyway." followed by Re-Check these updates

9. If everything is OK, the box will turn green and you're ready to go - hit Submit and this will be sent to our editors for review. 

Please note that the updates may happen in stages, which can mean that some credits may disappear for a day or two while the merge is being processed.

You may also want to review our name submission guide.

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