Alternate names (AKAs)

  • The best way to record an alternate name is to use the (as ...) attribute on the credit(s) where that alternate name was used. We will automatically create the alternate name entries from this. However, sometimes an alternate name is used in other contexts (e.g., an author's pseudonym, or a name used when recording music). In these cases, you should send in the alternate name as a separate entry.
  • Do not use this to correct a name (instructions for that can be found here); also, do not use this to combine credits that have been incorrectly split into two separate names -- instead, correct one of the names, and check the box to retain the alternate name.
  • This should not be used to record the birth name of people as opposed to the stage name, unless the birth name was also used as a stage name for some time (birth names go to the biographies list). And it is not for any other name such as a nickname if it was never used in credits.
  • All names are in surname, first name(s) order (even for Japanese, Chinese etc.).
  • We are not interested in punctuation differences (e.g. J.X. Doe vs. JX Doe) or differences in spacing (e.g., J.X. Doe vs. J. X. Doe).
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