How can I delete or update my biography?

Can I delete my biography? 

It is our policy not to remove biographies in their entirety, unless we first receive an updated or amended version. However, if you are aware of inaccuracies or breaches of policy contained within an existing biography and bring them to our attention, we will investigate and if appropriate, remove or amend the items.

Please note that replacing a biography that fits our guidelines and contains a good deal of background information with one containing almost no interesting information will be considered the same as attempting to delete a biography.

How can I update my biography? 

A name page can only list a single biography, however we welcome updates and corrections to keep these current - to update an existing biography, please see the following instructions:

     1. Go to that person's page.

     2. Click on the "Edit page" button towards the bottom.

     3. Next to the "Biography" option click the drop down and select "Correct/Delete"

     4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Continue".

     5. Next to the biography, click the drop down and select "Correct" and then "Check these updates" at the bottom of the page.

     6. Input the new biography into the field, making sure it's in line with our Mini-Biography guidelines.

     7. Please be sure to add an author in the "By:" field. 

     8. Click "Check these updates" and correct any errors you're presented with.

     9. Press "Submit".

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