When will my update be added?

The information in IMDb is not updated in real time. Depending on the data type, approved contributions may appear on IMDb within one and seven days. Contributions are not processed strictly in the order they are received; we optimize processing for overall efficiency and accuracy. This means even items within the same submission for the same data section may go live at different times. Generally, all approved data should be live within a few days. Please also be aware that the IMDb reserves the right to reject or delete information at any time at its sole discretion.

For specific information about our processing schedule and possible delays, please refer to the Data Processing Times page. Also, you may want to check/ask on the Get Satisfaction community.

We now include the feature to track your contribution for certain data types; please see the Tracking your contribution section below for more details. If your submission predates the "oldest item" data on the Data Processing Times page by more than a day then it has likely been rejected by our editors. There can be several reasons for this:

  • The credit was submitted to the wrong filmography: For example we list only acting roles in the cast section of a title: other types of performance need to be added under the proper data section. For example: voice-overs, looping, ADR work, stand-ins, photo doubles and puppeteers generally belong to the other crew section; stunt performers and doubles belong to the stunts section; collective names (such as music bands and other group cast performers) belong to the miscellaneous companies section etc. Also, we list only the main editor in the editor section of a movie: other types of editor jobs (such as sound editor or dubbing editors) need to be added under the proper data section (like the sound department).
  • We could not verify the presence of the credit in the title. This typically happens when we receive credits for a title which is still in production or unreleased or hard to obtain. If the credit you submitted belongs to you, we'll be glad to add it if you can help us verify that it meets our Eligibility Requirements. Any evidence of your work on the title will help, such as a copy of your contract or payment stubs, or press/magazine reviews mentioning your role/name. Please see this guide for details on how to provide additional verification.
  • You submitted new credits for a title whose cast or crew are marked complete. Please remember that we list credits as they appear on screen. If the cast or crew member did not receive a screen credit, you need to specify it by including the attribute (uncredited) in your submission. Additionally, unless the uncredited appearance is easily verifiable by watching the title (i.e. a cameo by a high-profile recognizable actor), we may need further information to verify it.
  • You didn't provide enough information for us to verify the credit: simply submitting a name and credit may not be enough. Whenever possible, please try to add as much information as possible about the credit, such as the name of the character portrayed by the actor, its billing order in the cast; a crew credit on a TV series may be rejected unless you specify the title of the episodes, or at least the years or seasons, in which that person worked, etc.
  • You are trying to remove factual information. For more details please see this guide.
  • Your submission may have been deemed to be incorrect by our staff. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes people think they've recognized a familiar actor in a movie, or maybe have heard rumors about the cast or crew of an upcoming title that later turn out to be incorrect.

Tracking your Contribution

We now include the feature to track your contribution for certain data types, over time these may expand. The current types you can track are:

  • Trivia
  • Images
  • New Titles
  • User Reviews
  • Parental Guides
  • Plot Synopses
  • Please see the individual guides for these data types to see how you can track these.

    If you feel your rejected submission should have been accepted (and you have verified that it is not already listed in IMDb), you are welcome to resubmit it from your contribution history. Please make sure you include a comment to provide the additional information that may help us verify it (as described above).

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