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IMDb Update Status FAQ

  • I submitted a correction/addition to the site. What happened to it?
    New submissions normally take 1 to 7 days before they appear online, but may take longer in certain cases. For updates and details on our current processing status (i.e. backlogs/delays), please see our Processing Times page.


  • I sent a new title for inclusion in the database and it has not appeared. Why?
    A separate FAQ page for new title submissions can be found here.


  • How can I see when I originally sent the data?
    You can display your update history.


  • But your site said that the data has been added. Why isn't it there?
    The '1 Item Added' message at the end of the submission process only refers to the items that have been queued for processing and sent to our editors; it doesn't mean that the item has been accepted for inclusion on the site. All submissions still have to be screened and processed by our staff. Also, make sure that the data was actually sent: before you click on the "Submit these updates" button, all fields should have a green background. Any item with a yellow or red background indicates that our system found a problem with the data that needs to be acknowledged or corrected. Any items that do not have a green background when you click on the "Submit these updates" button will be discarded and will not be sent to our editors for processing.


  • I sent the data more than two weeks ago and it has not shown up. Why did you reject it?
    There are many reasons why our editors may reject a submission. For example:
    • You may have failed to provide enough information for us to verify whether the title or credit you supplied is eligible for inclusion in the database. Simply entering a title with little or no cast/crew information may not be enough: for new titles, we need as many details as possible to verify it meets our criteria for inclusion (such as distributor name, screenings on non-local TV, dates of screenings at film festivals, etc).
    • For cast or crew credits, we may have been unable to verify the presence of that person in the film. This typically happens when we receive credits for a film which is still in production, not yet released, or otherwise hard to obtain. Whenever possible, please try to add as much information as possible about the credit, such as the name of the character portrayed by the actor, its billing order in the cast etc. A cast or crew credit on a TV series will be rejected unless you submit it as an addition to the specific episode or episodes in which that person worked.
    • You may have submitted new credits for a movie whose cast or crew are marked as complete. Please remember that we list credits as they appear on-screen. If the person did not receive a screen credit, we will not accept the submission. We make very few exceptions (i.e. a cameo by a high-profile recognizable actor). For more information please see our uncredited appearance guidelines.
    • Your credit may have been submitted to the wrong filmography section. For example, we list only main film editors in the Editor credits section: other types of editing jobs (such as sound editor or assistant editors) need to be added under the proper data section (like the Sound Department or Editorial Department).
      We list only acting roles in the Cast section of a film, so other types of performances need to be added under the proper data section. For example: voiceovers, looping, adr work, stand-ins, photo doubles and puppeteers belong to the Additional Crew; stunt performers and stunt doubles belong to the Stunts section, etc.
    • The format of your entry may have been incorrect. Our system must be very picky about format of titles and years because we have over a million titles, many of them very similar, and over three million people. You need to be very precise when entering a new title or name, to avoid confusion with existing entries in the database.
    • The content or your submission may have been incorrect. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes people think they've recognized a familiar actor in a film, or maybe have heard rumors about the casting of an upcoming film that later turn out to be false. We are careful about the data that is posted on our site and tend to err on the side of caution.
    • If you tried to delete or correct existing data, you may have failed to enter a valid explanation, or provided one that we could not verify. Our editors will not change or remove existing data unless there is a valid, verifiable reason.


  • I assure you the information is correct, how do I resubmit it?
    You should resend the update via the site. You can go back to your original update in your update history and edit it and re-send it. You should double check that the entry does fulfill our eligibility requirements and provide additional information for our editors. Simply re-sending the update as-is will not work.
    Currently, the best way to contact our editors and provide additional information is through the process described here.


  • How can I provide proof that my submission is valid?
    Please keep in mind that we require verification of on-screen billing. In other words, we do not want verification that someone was involved in the making of a film -- we want evidence that their name appears in the main or end titles. Cast/crew call sheets, contracts, payment receipts, etc. are not evidence of on-screen billing. If you are able to verify that the credit does appear on screen (e.g. by providing a scree capture or similar materials), please contact us.


  • I assure you that the data is correct, I demand that you accept it.
    All submissions are subject to our editorial approval -- while we do our best to be as comprehensive and exhaustive as possible, we reserve the right to reject or withdraw information at any time at our sole discretion.


  • I deserved to get an on-screen credit, you should list me.
    We list credits as they appear in the on-screen, regardless of what job was performed, so as to not involve the IMDb in disputes over who deserved credits. If you did not receive an on-screen credit, you may be able to submit an (uncredited) credit (subject to editorial approval).


  • I tried to submit a correction and your site didn't even let me, saying that the data is locked.
    Some sections of the database may have been locked; this usually happens when we have verified that the information is correct and doesn't need to be changed.
    In the event that a piece of data was accidentally locked incorrectly, please contact us directly (and provide specific details of what should be changed and why) and we will investigate and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes manually.

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