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How do I renew my membership?

To renew your IMDbPro membership, you'll need to link an account. Please see Can I join IMDbPro without linking an Amazon Account? for further details. 

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For Amazon and IMDb accounts that are already linked, please visit the renewal page; under the "Log In" drop-down, select "Login with Amazon" 

If you have not yet linked your Amazon and IMDb accounts, please take the following steps to begin the renewal process:

  1.  Visit the IMDbPro sign up page; under the "Log In" dropdown, select "Log in with Amazon"

  2. Input the login details for your Amazon account

  3. Give IMDb permission to login with your Amazon account

  4. Input the login details to connect your IMDb account
    If you have forgotten the password to your IMDb account, you can go to the IMDb Password assistance page to reset your password

  5. Once you've linked your accounts, select your payment plan - and select "Continue"
    a. Individual Annual ($149.99 billed annually)
    b. Individual Monthly ($19.99 billed monthly)
    c. Group Plan Monthly ($79.99 billed monthly, up to 5 members)

    Please note, due to local regulations, not all members will be eligible for annual memberships based on current address.

  6. Select the payment method for your membership—to switch between existing payment methods from your Amazon account, select “Change” next to the card information, select your preferred card, and select “Continue”

  7. Review the checkout total for your membership and select "Renew"

If you have a discount, please renew on the promotional code page.  

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