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How do I cancel my IMDbPro membership?

How to cancel your IMDbPro membership

To cancel your IMDbPro membership, please visit the Cancel Membership page in the Account Settings section while logged into your IMDbPro membership on your desktop computer. You can also select Cancel located at the bottom of every page while logged into your IMDbPro membership (Note: you cannot manage your IMDbPro account from the IMDbPro app at this time).

On the Cancel Membership page, select "Continue to cancel" to proceed until you reach a page to provide feedback. Then you must select the "Confirm cancellation" button in order to complete the cancellation. 

You'll still be able to access IMDbPro until the end of your membership period.

What happens after leaving IMDbPro? 

Please see the article What happens when I cancel my IMDbPro membership? which explains what will happen after your IMDbPro membership period ends. 

Not ready to cancel but would like to receive a reminder before your IMDbPro membership renews?  

Select "Remind me later" on the Cancel Membership page to keep your membership active and receive a reminder email 3 days before your membership renews. 

Please note, this only applies to the upcoming renewal after selecting this option; in order to receive a reminder for future renewals, return to the Cancel Membership page to enable the reminder.

If you need help canceling, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help.

For more information on how to get the most of your IMDbPro membership, please see our Pro Tips

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