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Pro tips for Talent Representatives

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For Talent Representatives

Agents, Managers, Publicists, & Legal Representatives

Manage your client list, get connected to other industry professionals, research individuals, get all the information you need for your next project, as well as search for new opportunities for your clients through our casting notices.

Manage your client list: Add or remove clients to your own and your company’s page to maintain your client list and ensure it is always up-to-date. This can be done by selecting the "Edit" pen at the top of your Clients tab or using the ‘Edit Page’ icon located towards the bottom of your page. Listing your clients not only adds your contact information to each of their pages, but also gives you convenient access to the most valuable IMDbPro benefits for representing talent.

Contact information: Quickly look up and contact people and companies you want to work with.

  • Pro Tips:
    • Connect: IMDbPro helps you get your job done with representation and contact information for over 300,000 industry professionals (this information is not available on From celebrities to aspiring talent, we cover the whole range.

    • Keep your contact information up to date: Don’t forget to claim your page and keep your own contact information up to date too, so that other IMDbPro members interested in working with your clients can contact you. Maintaining updated contact and representation information is critical for you and your clients. Be sure to list and keep up to date the details that represent the best way to contact you so you don’t miss any opportunities. Current emails, phone numbers, street addresses, websites are essential details so that other industry professionals can get in touch with you and your clients.

Discover talent: Sign new talent by researching our database of more than 7 million people.

  • Pro Tip: Use advanced search filters such as STARmeter, performance skills, physical attributes including ethnic appearance, languages spoken, accents, birthplace (find those Brits you are looking for), work eligibility, union affiliation, and more.

Detailed resumes: With over 90 million credits, IMDb is the most complete entertainment resource of credits. Additional information on projects like plays, commercials, web series and music videos is available on IMDbPro members’ resumes.

  • Pro Tip: Find links to social profile pages and official sites via External links:

Talent power: STARmeter, Awards and Box Office data are valuable data points on IMDbPro or on sister site Box Office Mojo.

  • Pro Tip: With a few clicks you can review these and include them in the talent portfolio details you showcase to your working partners.

Jobs: Our job notices provide actors, and their representatives the opportunity to locate projects currently seeking talent for their roles. Our refined search allows you to only search for notices that fit your needs; such as production type, filming location, union, gender, etc. New notices are posted daily.

  • Pro Tip: Use job notices to find opportunities for your talent for feature films, television series, commercials, and more.

Industry research: IMDbPro is the most complete entertainment resource with millions of data points added on a daily basis. Leveraging IMDb’s extensive database of linked people and projects, as an IMDbPro member, you get the most up-to-date details and information for titles in all stages of production. This includes projects in-development, pre-production and in-production status with extra information not available on

  • Pro Tip: Use these data points to prepare for a meeting, find and connect with potential new clients, vet projects and the people attached to them, and gather details from comparable projects.

Page View Insights: As an IMDbPro member you get page view details and insights from the previous week for your own IMDbPro page. You can find details displaying how many people viewed your IMDbPro page, and the top three professions of the visitors. This is displayed when you have 6 or more people who viewed your IMDbPro page in the past week.

Get insights: STARmeter, MOVIEmeter, and COMPANYmeter – As an IMDbPro member you get advanced insights and analysis for meter details, which include rank movement and tracking over time. You can find these details in an easy-to-use chart format that can be filtered based on month, year, frequency, scale, and release events.

  • Pro Tip: This data is extremely helpful to market your clients, negotiate talent deals, and conduct company pitches.

24/7 Customer Service: Your IMDbPro membership includes email support. Our Customer Service team responds to most queries within 24 hours, 7 days/week (excluding holidays).

If you have further questions about making the most out of your IMDbPro membership, please visit the Contact Us page while logged into your IMDbPro account (if you are logged out of your IMDbPro account, please select here instead), then select "Email" and let us know how we can help.  

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