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If you are curious about the wide variety of features at IMDb, here is a good road map for finding your way around:

Activity Page Visit your activity page, including your badges, ratings, watchlist plus other information about you as a user of IMDb

Advertising Get more information about advertising opportunities on IMDb

Amazon Originals See photos, videos, and more from the latest Amazon Originals for the big and small screen

Android App IMDb for Android phones and tablets, download for free

Awards Central Awards Central - Nominees and Winners for Oscars, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards, BAFTAs, Critics' Choice and SAGs

Badges Earn badges for your user activity page

Best of the year See the top 10 stars, top movies, top TV, breakout stars and more

Birthdays Who was born on your birthday?

Bottom 100 The 100 lowest rated movies according to our users

Box Office Weekly winners at the box office

Box Office Mojo Our partner site, delivering detailed box office numbers from the US and international markets

Calendar Release calendar for movies worldwide

Celebrity News Get the latest celebrity news

Cannes Film Festival Coverage of the Cannes Film Festival

Comic-Con Complete coverage of the big events including panels, parties, and the big reveals

Contact Us Contact IMDb Customer Service

Contributor Zone Useful tools for people contributing data

Developer Find information for how to gain access to IMDb's metadata for every movie, TV series and video game title as well as performers and creators, along with full lifetime box office grosses from IMDbPro's Box Office Mojo.

Emmy Awards Our coverage of the primetime Emmy nominations and award show

Events A complete list of awards and events

Facebook IMDb's main Facebook page, used to share the major entertainment news stories, photos, trailers of the day

Fall TV New shows, trailers, galleries featuring all the latest for Fall TV

Family Entertainment Guide Looking for movies and TV shows the whole family can watch together? Check out IMDb's Family Entertainment Guide

Feedback Send us feedback

Festival Central Follow our coverage of the biggest film festivals of the year including Cannes, Tribeca, and TIFF with movie guides, editors' picks, photo galleries, exclusive video, and more

Genres Love westerns? Comedies? Film noir? Click on the genre links to go to the biggest and best collection of films sorted by their type

Home IMDb home page

IMDb Picks Get top picks for movies and TV along with other content from our editors

IMDb What to Watch app Discover the next great movie or TV series via quick, fun mini-games

IMDbPro Our membership site aimed at entertainment industry professionals

India Spotlight Discover top rated movies and TV shows popular on IMDb in India

iOS App IMDb for iPhone/iPad/iPod, download for free

In Production News and info on upcoming films and shows at IMDbPro

Instagram Follow IMDb on Instagram

Interfaces IMDb Datasets: Subsets of IMDb data for personal and non-commercial use

Jobs at IMDb We love what we do and are looking for passionate, smart people to share our vision and make it a reality

Keywords Search for a keyword, pick from one of our example starting points, or browse all keywords

Kindle App IMDb on your Kindle Fire, download for free

Latest Posters A poster gallery curated by IMDb's editors

Login Registered IMDb users can login here

Mobile Site A streamlined version of our site designed for use on mobile devices

News Top news from the entertainment industry

Oscars Nominees and winners from 1929-today (also, see our Awards Central section)

Oscar Winners See the latest Oscar best picture winners

Podcasts Get more information about the IMDb Podcasts

Polls Vote in our movie, TV and celebrity polls

Popular Celebrities IMDb's most popular celebrities

Popular Movies IMDb's most popular movies

Popular TV IMDb's most popular TV shows

Press Room A place to find IMDb press releases, publicity team contact information, and more

Privacy Policy Our privacy policy

Processing Times Current processing times for newly submitted data, updated daily

Ratings Keep track of your ratings of which movies and TV shows you did and didn't like

Recommendations Get personalized recommendations of movies and shows to watch

Registration Register with the IMDb for additional services, privileges and personalization

Scary Good Beware! Beyond this link is a terrifying destination of all things horror for those who like classic chills and modern day thrills

Scorecard For filmmakers and production companies to add trailers, videos and more to their titles

Search - Advanced Compose detailed search queries

Search - Name Compose advanced searches involving names

Search - Title Compose advanced searches involving titles

Showtimes & Tickets Movie showtimes in several countries and online ticketing in the US

Statistics Statistical breakdown of IMDb data

Support Visit IMDb's community support at Sprinklr

Sundance Film Festival Coverage of the Sundance Film Festival

Summer Movie Guide Our 2018 Summer Movie Guide

Top Rated Movies The Top Rated 250 movies as determined by user votes

Top Rated TV The Top Rated 250 TV shows as determined by user votes

Toronto Film Festival Coverage of the Toronto Film Festival

Trailers Watch trailers for upcoming and recent releases

Tribeca Film Festival Coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival

Twitter Our main @IMDb Twitter account, covering the latest and biggest movie and TV news, trailers, photos and more.

Watchlist Keep track of all of the movies and TV shows you want to watch

What's on TV and Streaming Find out what's on television and what is new on streaming services such as Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

What to Watch Personalized movie and TV recommendations, alongside relevant IMDb original content that helps customers decide what to watch.

Your Account Update your account details and site preferences

X-Ray Learn about X-Ray for Movies & TV, powered by IMDb

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