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Sprinklr community access - You're about to leave

You're about to leave and access the official IMDb support community, where you will be able to get answers from customer service and other IMDb members, who are encouraged to help each other to get the most out of our site. Often the community provides answers and solutions faster than our staff can respond directly.

If prompted to login or signup, please do not use your IMDb or IMDbPro account information. The IMDb Support community is hosted on an external 3rd party website (Sprinklr). You can post in the community by creating a new account on Sprinklr (you'll only need to do this once).


  • The IMDb community is a public forum. Anything you post will be visible to everyone. For issues regarding accounts/billing issues, please contact our support staff privately using the form below.
  • IMDb does not provide phone-based support. Please click on the link above to post a message/question in our online support community.
  • Sprinklr is a third party service provider -- they simply host our community/forum but do not actually provide customer support for IMDb and are unable to answer questions directly. For all support-related questions, please click the link above.

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